Mayweather Senior Snaps At Comparisons Between His Son and Garcia

Mayweather Senior Snaps At Comparisons Between His Son and Garcia

Attention turns to this weekend’s huge fight in Texas between IBF welterweight world champion Errol Spence Jr and challenger Mikey Garcia.

Both champions in their own right and undefeated pound for pound premier stars in the sport, everyone has an opinion on this weekend’s fight.

One of those belongs to the always controversial and colorful character that is Floyd ‘Joy’ Mayweather senior.

One of boxing’s true characters.

Speaking to a group of reporters in an open media scrum after the Shawn Porter fight in Carson at the weekend, Mayweather senior gave his thoughts on this weekend’s big fight:

“I don’t know man, I think Spence might pull that off. Good fight.”

He added:

“Yeah. I think the world will see (how good Spence is).”

When asked if comparisons could be made between his son Floyd Mayweather Jr

“Man get the hell out of here! I’m telling you that I trained my son to do what he do like nobody else!”

Classic senior.

As for his son, 42-year-old Floyd Mayweather is still keeping the boxing world guessing as to what he will do next.

Most likely he’ll have another exhibition bout at some point in the summer but rumors that he’ll have a legitimate pro bout in the form of a rematch with Manny Pacquiao continue to not go away.

But on a real boxing note, what a fight this weekend between Spence and Garcia.

Sit back, relax and enjoy it.

It could be a modern day boxing classic if both bring their A-Games.

Many think it is Garcia’s speed against Spence’s size but with two sweet science doctors at this level, two guys that posses that amount of skill and ring IQ, there’s no way it can be that cut and dry.

Expect much more elaborate game plans to be implemented early doors than that by both combatants but as the fight begins to warm up after a few rounds, I’m expecting all hell to break loose.