Some very sad news has hit the boxing world this weekend between the sudden passing of former heavyweight champion George Foreman’s daughter and now current world champion Caleb Plant’s mother losing her life in tragic circumstances.

It has been reported by Fox News Tennessee that Beth Plant, the 51-year-old mother of current IBF 168lbs title holder Caleb Plant was shot and killed by a police officer in Cheatham County on Saturday morning.

It is understood that an investigation has been launched into the circumstances surrounding the tragic death.

Thoughts and prayers go out to Caleb and his loved ones at this hard time. A fighter who has been through more than most in his life but a man who recently became the champion of the world and who no doubt his mother is now looking down on proud of.

Caleb has now officially reacted to the news with the following statement on his own Instagram page:

“Love you forever and always momma. You always said “work hard bubba” and I did. I know that we spent a lot of time wishing the relationship we had was different but you was still my momma. We both wished we could start from scratch so we could go back and you could have a fresh start with me and Maddie. Regardless you was one of the sweetest ladies I’ve ever come across. You had your demons but you’d give the shoes off your feet and your last dollar to someone who needed it less than you. I love you momma and I know you are up there with Alia now and her and grandma finally get to spend time together like we talked about way back. You are the first one out of all of us to see what Alia is really like so make the most of that and kiss her up and tell her that her daddy loves and misses her. I know in the end it’s your demons we always talked about that got the best of you. Maybe you always told me because you knew I’d understand because we shared some of the same ones but you didn’t deserve for them to do that to you.”

(Photo credit: Caleb Plant Instagram)