Eubank Jr vs DeGale Full Fight Report

Eubank Jr vs DeGale Full Fight Report

Overall, tonight’s fight between the James DeGale and Chris Eubank Jr didn’t exactly set the boxing world on fire.

James DeGale got off to a decent start in round one but Eubank Jr exploded on him in round two and badly stunned the Olympic and former world champion — scoring a knockdown in the process.

DeGale survived the attack but Eubank Jr showed in round 2 that he meant business and had zero respect for DeGale’s pedigree, reputation or past achievements.

Round 3 was a more scrappy affair and a tough round to score.

Both boxers had cuts by this point with the worst of the two belonging to ‘Chunky’ at this point in the fight who was sporting one under his right eye.

As round 4 progressed Eubank Jr was boxing well and appeared to be listening to instructions from his new coach and was using his timing well with the right hand from range.

DeGale’s reflexes didn’t look like they were what they once were and his foot work was sloppy at this point.

DeGale picked things up a bit in the 5th and started to have more success with his boxing but still got caught occasionally by Eubank Jr who landed some solid shots when he did land.

Round 6 saw Eubank Jr continue to be the aggressor but wasn’t particularly accurate and was using zero jabs to set up his work.

By round 7 the fight was messy and DeGale was using his feet a bit more to avoid Eubank but the latter finished the round strong.

As the fight progressed down the stretch Eubank jr finally started to use the jab and in the eyes of most was ahead on the cards by round 9.

DeGale did not look like anywhere near the fighter he once was.

Round 10 saw Eubank score another knockdown that some debated was a push.

The pace had slowed down by both guys at this point.

Eubank controlled the fight as the bout finished and DeGale, with respect, just looked like he was trying to see the fight out.

A man that was shot as a fighter in terms of who he used to be.

Congrats to Chris Eubank Jr and if it is the last time we see DeGale in a ring, he’s had a great career to be fair.

Eubank Jr won by unanimous decision in the end with the three cards reading 114-112, 115-112 & 117-109 in his favor.