Hall of Fame boxing trainer Freddie Roach comes across as one of the nice guys in the sport but don’t get on the wrong side of him in a street fight.

Indeed, he’s willing to do anything and whatever it takes to survive in what realistically is a life and death situation if two grown men engage in a physical fight.

Anything can happen and on one occasion, Freddie has now for the first time opened up on the horrifying details of what he was forced to do to another man when his life was in danger in a three on one street fight one time in a road rage incident.

Speaking with Dan Patrick Freddie admitted he had plenty of outside the ring brawls growing up:

“Growing up, street fights? Probably (had about) about 300 or 400.”

He then went on to reveal:

“(One time) These three guys cut me off in front and in the car from the back. I jumped out. Three guys jumped out. I said to myself I better do something here before these guys kill me because I think they were trying to kill me because it was just a real bad beating. And so, I took the main guy and I remember I jumped on top of him and I pulled him up to my mouth and I bit his eye ball out. I had eye lashes actually stuck in my teeth. I said I better do something drastic here otherwise I’m not going to make it.”

On what the other two did:

“They got in their car and left.”

That’s certainly one way to end a fight, for sure.

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