The Floyd Mayweather vs Manny Pacquiao fight in 2015 was billed as the fight of the century when it happened at the time.

Ultimately, the fight didn’t and perhaps couldn’t live up to that level of hype and expectation as Floyd did what he always did and cruised to a comfortable points win with little trouble posed by PacMan.

In the years that have gone by since, the sport of boxing has done pretty well regardless.


But the fight between both men and teams still annoys them behind the scenes in that it never quite gave the public what it promised beforehand.

Don’t believe all the stuff you see in the media about Floyd Mayweather.

Behind the scenes he is a super intelligent, empathetic person who loves his boxing through and through and is a student of the game.

Yes, he’s going on tour at the moment to do exhibition fights for crazy amounts of money but ultimately, hell surely have the rematch with Pacquiao again to erase what was a less than satisfactory night in his career and for the sport.

Manny Pacquiao and his Hall of Fame trainer Freddie Roach feel the same way but for a different reason.

Going into the fight Pacquiao had a shoulder injury which he and Roach feel prohibited them from being at their best and having a shot to take Mayweather’s undefeated record.

For the first time Freddie Roach has now gone on record about what Mayweather knew about the injury on fight night and what, according to Freddie, they pulled at the last minute on fight night that gave them an edge according to him.

Speaking to Dan Patrick, Freddie said:

“I didn’t try to stop the fight until I found out that the injury was that bad. The injury on his shoulder would need surgery to fix. We were going to go into the fight with a bad shoulder. We made an agreement that Mayweather could shoot his hands up which he does quite often because he has very fragile hands. He uses a painkiller on his hands to get through a fight and (we agreed) that Manny could get a painkiller for his shoulder. But the night of the fight he (Mayweather) was allowed to use painkillers but we were not.”

When asked of Mayweather knew Pacquiao was hurt or not going into the fight, Freddie replied:


Ultimately, the only way this will be settled is by a rematch between the two but it is up to Floyd in reality if it happens or not.

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