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Chris Eubank Jr and his father have pulled out all the stops today on TV in promotion of this weekend’s showdown with James DeGale fight at the 02 Arena in London.

While senior is not as active as he once was in his son’s career from a business or training point of view, his flair for the dramatic and ability to promote is something he’s clearly still helping his son with.

He’s taken things up a level with this indeed:

Say what you want about senior or junior, that was a heck of an entrance for a morning TV show.

I can’t recall a boxer making that sort of an entrance to any interview before.

Of course, those who’ve followed Eubank senior over the years will know he’s not your typical character that you come across:

Good old Eubank.

As for this weekend’s fight between his son and DeGale, it’s an interesting one without doubt in the super-middleweight division.

The winner will go onto big things but the loser will really feel it career-wise on Sunday.

It’s a must win for both guys at this stage of their careers.

For many, a lot will depend on what version of James DeGale turns up this Saturday night at the 02 Arena in London.

Boxer vs fighter is written all over this weekend’s showdown.

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