American boxer Adrien Broner has had a few occasions on social media where he’s gone into meltdown in the past.

A troubled but talented soul, it’s hard to see where he’s going to go from here as regards his boxing career following last month.

It saw him suffer a shut out unanimous points defeat to Manny Pacquiao in Las Vegas in a fight where he was the younger man by eleven years.

You wouldn’t have known it though.

Pacquiao threw far more punches and in general outworked and out-hustled his much younger opponent.

Broner has now posted the following on Instagram saying he is done with the ‘fake’ boxing business:

No beating around the bush there.

Last month’s fight for Broner was his first time on pay per view in a bout that did over 400,000 US pay per view buys on Showtime.

Arguably, if Broner were to move down a division or even two and increase his punch output, tweak his fight tactics and in general get his boxing career together, once and for all — he could still be in some interesting fights and contend for world title fights again.

In theory that is.

But we’ve said it before.

It’s up to Adrien Broner at the end of the day.