Filipino boxing star and 40 year old Senator Manny Pacquiao is now coming down the final stretch of his boxing career but he showed last month in his win against Adrien Broner that he still has plenty to offer the sport before he does call it a day.

It’s well known that Pacquiao wanted a rematch with Floyd Mayweather this year but after his convincing unanimous points decision win over Broner last month in Vegas, a fight Mayweather attended in person, the latter showed little interest in it despite calling for it himself last year.

Alas, Pacquiao’s career looks like it will go on and although Keith Thurman was mentioned as PacMan’s next possible adversary this year, some reports online are now suggesting that Marcos Maidana might now be a target for Pacquiao.

Reports have scattered the boxing web claiming Maidana is coming back to boxing this year with Al Haymon’s Premier Boxing Champions series.

Something Pacquiao is also aligned with in the welterweight division where Maidana used to box when he was active.

Two stars now at advanced stages of their athletic capabilities, the fact both are as loved as they are and the fact both would still make for an entertaining clash of fight styles make this notion not that out of the ordinary when you really think about it.

Usually Haymon does not sign boxers to long term agreements and you’d have to think Pacquiao is only on a two-fight deal at mos, as would Maidana be likely if he was coming back.

Would it be a fight between two fighters past their primes?


But, would it still be a heck of a battle between two fan favorites with two fan-friendly all action styles?

You bet.

Carnage in the ring while it lasts one would suspect.