Last month 29 year old Adrien Broner lost a unanimous points decision to 40 year old Manny Pacquiao for the WBA welterweight title in Las Vegas.

A fight that afterwards Broner said he felt he one in which but the vast majority of fans and pundits felt Pacquiao comfortably earned the victory in on the night.

To be fair, as much criticism as he gets, Broner has never been one to hide away from the media following a loss in his career and granted, he’s said and done some questionable things in the past, but the fact he still talks to the media shows he has nothing to hide and is at least intent with carrying on his boxing career.

Despite the losses in recent years, rightly or wrongly, the way the boxing market is now because he sells fights likely he’ll get another opportunity again.

Speaking to a group of journalists in an open media scrum this past Friday night Broner was defiant about his career following the Pacquiao loss last month:

“We don’t support our own. We as people as African Americans don’t support our own like we should. I’m not being a racist here but if I was Mexican or from the UK they would promote me as one of the best in the world. As an African American they want to beat you down, beat you down because you made it to this level and they ain’t made it yet. They just want to hate on something. I ain’t tripping though, my shoes is tied and sometimes I ain’t even got laces!”

As for what’s next it’s hard to know.

The welterweight division certainly has fights out there for him but realistically Broner was always a far more effective fighter at lightweight or super-lightweight.

As for when he wants to fight next, Broner said:

“June. S*** I didn’t take no punishment.”