Hall of Fame promoter Bob Arum promoted Manny Pacquiao through the glory days of his professional boxing career in years gone by and although not promoting him for the final stretch of his career at the moment — he still speaks very fondly of his old friend.

Recently Arum got to catch up on Pacquiao’s win over Adrien Broner in Vegas and also spoke about the possibility of PacMan taking on Keith Thurman next up.

Speaking to Fight Hub Arum said:

“It’s very hard to tell very much from that fight because I think for the last two or three years I think Broner has really more been a posturer than a fighter.

On Keith Thurman’s return to the sport of boxing this past weekend he added:

“I don’t think Keith Thurman can fight anymore. I thought he was awful against Lopez. Lets be honest Lopez was never an elite fighter. He almost had Thurman out of there in round 7. You know Lopez is not known for knocking anybody out and the referee could have very well stopped the fight in that round.”

On a possible Pacquiao vs Thurman fight next up Arum added he thinks PacMan wins the fight:

“I think that’s a winnable fight (for Pacquiao against Thurman). Yeah I do.”