Adrien Broner won’t be winning any awards for humility or having class anytime soon as the brash outspoken fighter claimed he won the fight last night against Pacquiao despite the numbers and virtually every one else saying otherwise.

A unanimous points decision was awarded to Pacquiao in the end at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas as he retained his WBA welterweight title and marched on towards a possible Floyd Mayweather rematch in the summer.

Following the fight on Showtime pay per view Broner came in for a lot of controversy, like he did before the fight — for his various attacks on broadcasters, commentators and journalists.

He probably won’t be winning a whole load of plaudits over either today with this:

While his hashtag attempts to give credit to Pacquiao the comment before it clearly shows he is still salty that he didn’t take any damage in the fight with Pacquiao.

A bout where Pacquiao landed more jabs and power punches consistently throughout and a fight where he controlled the distance and pace of the fight with the jab.

Indeed, it was a much more experienced and slicker Pacquiao we are now starting to see at age 40.

One that is still effective enough to operate at a very high level in the sweet science moving forward if he so chooses to.