Adrien Broner clearly doesn’t handle defeat well and is drumming up an enormous amount of reaction online for his opinion that he believed he won the fight last night against Manny Pacquiao despite the punch stats, judges and just about every credible journalist out there suggesting otherwise.

Pacquiao won a unanimous points decision in the MGM Grand and pretty much everyone to a man so far feels that the right man got the nod.

Not Adrien Broner though.

When questioned after the fight he even took it upon himself to make fun of a prominent reporter in boxing (Dan Rafael of ESPN) for his line of questioning:

Dear oh dear.

The thing is — this continued belief in saying he thinks he won the fight isn’t actually going to get him a rematch either.

Not a hope in hell.

Pacquiao was the clear victor in the fight and I just can’t see there being a huge demand for a rematch anyway.

A good performance for Pacquiao all in all in an expected points win by many beforehand due to the sheer output of his work versus the lack of punching from Broner.