Manny Pacquiao could be up there for one of the most loved boxers and indeed sports stars in the world today.

His work outside of his profession as a public servant and as a humanitarian is perhaps unrivalled when compared to any professional athlete in history.

In many ways, this Saturday night against Adrien Broner is the typical good cop vs bad cop story line.

Broner has had many problems with the law in the past and is perhaps the polar opposite of Pacquiao’s kind, happy-go-lucky personality.

Indeed, some people may just be tuning in to see Pacquiao put a beat down on Broner at the MGM on Saturday night.

Certainly if this reception for the Filipino is anything to go by:

Some response from the public there in fairness.

But the fight game is an unmerciful one that doesn’t always end in happy endings for the good guys.

Father time has caught up with many a legendary champion in the past and the main concern for Pacquiao this weekend would be will he get old over night in the ring.

Adrien Broner will certainly be hoping so.