Senator Manny Pacquiao returns to his passion this week of professional boxing.

His public service work back home is now his priority but his love for the sweet science still keeps him in the sport today.

It’s not only something he still enjoys but is still very good at, too, as evidenced from his previous stoppage win last year over Argentina’s Lucas Matthysse.

All the talk about 2019 for him so far surrounds a rematch with Floyd Mayweather later this year following his points defeat to the American back in May 2015.

However, it’s not necessarily the be all and end all for Pacquiao.

Speaking at the MGM Grand Arrivals in an open media scrum to reporters, Pacquiao said:

“Not yet (I wouldn’t retire after just getting a Mayweather fight). My dream is I want to have my last fight in my country.”

On where it would be held:

“We have a stadium, the Philippines Arena. It will accommodate 60,000 people.”

On who he’d want the opponent to be for his last fight ever:

“I don’t care.”

Well there you have it.

Likely the Mayweather rematch will happen but don’t be surprised if PacMan boxes on after that for another year or two until 40.

First thing’s first though — Adrien Broner Saturday night live on Showtime pay per view in the US and on ITV 4 in the UK.