‘Rigo’ also known as Guillermo Rigondeaux returns to the boxing ring tonight for the first time since he lost last year and indeed the first loss of his pro career to Vasy Lomachenko.

A man who was better and much bigger than Rigondeaux on the night and something that the Cuban boxer conceded in his interviews since re-emerging onto the scene this weekend.

While his opponent tonight Delgado is no world beater and a man Rigondeaux should go through in impressive fashion, the Cuban appears to have taken him seriously and given him the respect he deserves judging by his condition at the weigh-in for the fight (hat tip Right Hub YouTube):

While Rigondeaux is nearly 40 years of age at this stage one suspects he still has at least one or two decent fights left in his just yet.

Most likely back down in his more natural weight classes.

That’s always been the problem for him, really.

Often times getting him the big fights that he wanted meant he had to step up out of his weight comfort to get them and put himself in there with much naturally bigger fighters.

The action tonight is live on Fox Sports 1 in the US and on ITV 4 in the UK.