Manny ‘Pacman’ Pacquiao was so poor growing up that he lived in a world where as the story goes — that people in his Filipino neighbourhood would even resort to eating their dogs they were so hungry.

In terms of rags to riches stories, there’s perhaps never been one as dramatic and as thoroughly deserved as Pacquiao’s rise to the top of the world.

He knows plenty about having to eat weird things to get by and recently admitted in Oxford that when he and his brother were growing up that his mother often made the two of them fill their stomachs with water for the day to keep hunger at bay as they didn’t know often times when they would eat in a given week.

Those days are a long time ago thankfully for the boxing champion turned Filipino Senator but that didn’t stop him getting challenged to eat fish eyes this week — which he duly obliged (hat tip TMZ YouTube):

Fair play, Manny.

Better you than us as they say.

Pacquiao returns to the ring next week when he takes on Adrien Broner at the MGM in Vegas live on Showtime pay per view in the States and ITV 4 in the UK.

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