Broner Makes Savage Pacquiao Fight Plan Claim

Broner Makes Savage Pacquiao Fight Plan Claim

Adrien Broner may have been reported to have had a few alleged legal troubles ahead of this month’s Manny Pacquiao fight but you would not know it judging by his demeanor.

He appears to be in the best shape mentally and physically that he has been in some time and is certainly saying all the right things.

And why he wouldn’t he be either.

It’s the first pay per view fight of his career against an all-time boxing great.

Opportunities like this don’t exactly roll around very often.

On how he’s going to approach the fight, Broner told Fight Hype candidly:

“It’s proven that you don’t have to throw a lot of punches to beat Manny  Pacquiao. You might only have to throw one and that mother f**** can go to sleep.

“That ain’t a myth, the mother f***** has been asleep before. The most important part of fighting Manny Pacquiao is throwing the right punches at the right time.”

The fight takes place on January 19th at the iconic MGM Grand in the fight capital of the world — Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.