Pacquiao and Team Burst Out Laughing At Mayweather’s Expense

Manny Pacquiao is now coming into the final gruelling stages of his training camp for Adrien Broner at the moment but has still managed to keep a sense of humor about him.

On New Year’s Eve just gone his old rival Floyd Mayweather had a boxing exhibition in Tokyo, Japanese where he won by first round stoppage over a 20 year old kick boxer and mixed martial arts fighter by the name of Tenshin.

Last year Mayweather was also in Japan for an appearance at a concert where both he and Pacquiao met one another and both appeared to want a rematch sooner rather than later.

At least they intimated as much at the time.

When Mayweather’s name was brought up today by EsNews however (hat tip) all Pacquiao and his team could do was laugh:

Since Mayweather’s exhibition bout a number of fighters have criticised him but ultimately they would have done the same if in his shoes.

As for the Mayweather vs Pacquiao rematch happening this year, nothing is guaranteed just yet but one gets the impression that if Pacquiao were to beat Broner in impressive fashion that he’ll call out his old rival.

The two fought in 2015 with Mayweather winning a point decision in Las Vegas.