MMA fighter turned popular pod caster and fight pundit Chael Sonnen is known to speak his mind and go out on a limb on his beliefs and opinions about combat sports.

He doesn’t mind upsetting people at all and it’s worked for him.

He knows controversy sells and recently he landed a full-time pundit gig alongside MMA journalist Ariel Helwani at ESPN.

He also doesn’t mind speaking about different topics in boxing and regarding boxers every now and then with the latest being Floyd Mayweather.

Since Mayweather’s New Year’s Eve boxing exhibition in Tokyo, Japan many have claimed that the whole thing was fake and a fix.

Sonnen outlined his theory on why the event was fishy on his YouTube Channel:

Obviously the fight was not meant to be competitive but as for Sonnen’s remarks about punches not making contact — that’s highly debatable.

The second shot in particular could be seen snapping the head back of the Japanese fighter.

Quite clearly too if you go back and watch the highlights.

All in all it was what it was really, another cash grab from Floyd Mayweather that captured the attention of the masses and got people talking afterwards.