Floyd Mayweather is probably back in one of his comfortable mansions in the States right about now laughing himself to sleep for arguably the easiest money ever seen earned by an athlete in history.

Nine million dollars for a little over two minutes (unprepared for) work.

He candidly admitted before the fight that he hadn’t trained for it and even when he turned up he essentially laughed his way to the ring, laughed mid fight at his opponent and proceeded to put him away with ease.

Can you blame him, really?

He’s summed up the critics of the event with the following:

He knows the critics of the event online just create more hype, talk and engagement for the next one of these things.

Time will tell when it happens but he may also be tempted to have a proper boxing match in the form of a rematch with Manny Pacquiao next up.

It could still make upwards of $80 million for the man they call ‘Money’.

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