Floyd Mayweather vs Tenshin Nasuwaka Live Stream Info and Time

Floyd Mayweather vs Tenshin Nasuwaka Live Stream and Time

The Floyd Mayweather vs Tenshin Nasuwaka exhibition bout is understood to be still going ahead and getting underway later this morning (US and UK time).

There had been some last minute reports that Mayweather might not even turn up for the bout but his opponent has calmed those reports with Japanese media.

Seemingly by way of design the fight has not been publicised much in the Western world as Floyd and the promoters Rizin have blocked the live stream for those one who actually live in Japan and two those back in Mayweather’s home country of the US.

However the Floyd Mayweather vs Tenshin Nasuwaka live stream will be available for anyone else around the world for $24.99 at Fite.TV.

The reason it is not on pay per view in Japan is that the promoters have struck a deal with a major network broadcaster in the country to air the fight on regular TV for the Japanese public.

The time of the bout is estimated at 10am (UK time this morning) which works out as 5am on the East coast this morning in the US.

2am later this morning (December 31st 2018) on the West coast of the US.

The whole build up has been bizarre and the fight will be a three round boxing exhibition against a 20 year old MMA fighter / kick boxer where it is thought that he could face up to a fine of $5 million if he breaks the strict boxing rules in place for the exhibition against Mayweather.

The bout will take place at 147lbs and American Kenny Bayless will be the referee when the action gets underway.

Mayweather is understood to be earning at least an eight figure pay day to essentially move around the ring today with no harm expected at all to come of him in an entertainment type showcase.

The fight will also not count on his professional boxing record.

Update – Mayweather is late to the arena with some now questioning will he even turn up. Expect him to turn up, eventually. For more as it happens check back on our home page throughout the day.