Ring Magazine nominated trainer of the year Ben Davison really announced himself on the world boxing stage this year.

He brought Tyson Fury back to the sport of boxing in one of the great comeback stories in sports history that will probably be spoken about a hundred years from now.

Although he’d love his man to fight Wilder again in a rematch next year or a fight with fellow Brit Anthony Joshua — he wants to see something else first.

Speaking to IFL TV Ben Davison said:

“I would like to see Joshua vs Wilder. I think that fight needs to happen. I want to see it. I think it will be a great fight for as long as it lasts. I think Tyson stepped up and done what he done and I think it’s time them two step up and Tyson’s there to fight the winner. No problem.”

Not a bad plan in fairness.

All fight fans want to see is the three fight one another at some stage to establish really who is the best heavyweight on the planet next year.