Floyd Mayweather Reacts To Threats Of Getting Kicked

Mayweather's Son Predicts Round Of Knockout Of Logan Paul

Tomorrow on New Year’s Eve Floyd Mayweather will take part in a three round boxing exhibition bout in Tokyo, Japan.

The bout will be refereed under strictly boxing rules against a Japanese kickboxing world champion.

The bout will take place at 147lbs (welterweight limit) and the referee will be American Kenny Bayless.

Mayweather when asked about the threat from his opponent to kick him tomorrow and break the boxing rules stipulated for the contest passed the question to his business partner who warned Mayweather’s opponent:

“There is a penalty clause in the contract of an undisclosed amount if he is to use any moves of an MMA nature.”

One suspects there’s not a hope in hell of Floyd being at risk of getting kicked with likely a fine worth millions if it were to happen to his opponent Tenshin Nasukawa.