Controversial Tweet Gets Deleted From Oscar De La Hoya’s Twitter Account

Boxing legend turned promoter Oscar De La Hoya has been on a real blitz mission in the media in 2018.

Various remarks and social media beefs, notably between Floyd Mayweather and Dana White — have brought ‘The Golden Boy’ back into the public conscious somewhat.

It hasn’t been all chaos however for Oscar.

He was involved in promoting one of the biggest fights of 2018 to be fair.

A bout involving his fighter Canelo Alvarez who overcame Gennady Golovkin in their highly awaited rematch.

Canelo then struck a significant deal with streaming service DAZN.

Last night De La Hoya tweeted out before the UFC pay per view words to the effect that he questioned fans’ intelligence of still buying pay per views.

This tweet has mysteriously disappeared however with just this one there now:

While some have suggested pay per view is dead in US combat sports there is no solid evidence just yet of that.

The UFC are the kings of pay per view and promotion.

If they’re still putting on pay per views – it can’t be dead.

Perhaps a mix of the subscription model and pay per view is what really awaits in the coming years, in truth.