Leaked Broner Sparring Video Emerges Ahead Of Pacquiao Fight

For anyone that needed any proof that Adrien Broner was taking the first pay per view opportunity of his career seriously — it has now come.

Broner had been grafting behind the scenes in recent weeks shedding a lot of weight for his upcoming clash with Manny Pacquiao but now the real work of sparring and sharpening his fighting tools is underway.

The folks at Fight Hype (hat tip) have got their hands on the following footage that shows the left hook and straight right hand in particular to be very sharp at the moment:

Broner has done well with southpaws in the past before so if PacMan were not on his A-Game so to speak, this is by no means a walk in the park for him as some are suggesting.

The counter argument to that school of thought however is that Pacquiao’s work rate is far superior and Broner has trouble with opponents who throw more punches than him.

Time will tell — as they say.