Manny Pacquiao as well as his famed boxing career and now as a Senator in his home country is known as a man of many talents and beliefs.

Pacquiao is also known as a devout man of faith in God and has credited this faith as a large part of his success over the years not just in his career but in the way he lives his life.

As often evidenced by his enormous displays of kindness to charities and people with donations that have even landed him in personal financial trouble in the past due to him being too kind in many cases.

Such was the level of his charity work, he literally was thought at one time to have given all his money away to other people.

But guys like Manny Pacquiao will always have ways of earning money due to the love people have for him around the world.

Speaking to the folks at Villainfy Media YouTube, Pacquiao got deep about what he would like to say to Broner after their upcoming fight:

It’s not often you hear a professional fighter talk about his upcoming opponent in such a way.

Then again, Manny Pacquiao isn’t your ordinary, run of the mill fighter in fairness.