De La Hoya Reacts To Mayweather’s Personal Christmas Attack On Him

De La Hoya Has A Theory On Mayweather's Personal Christmas Attack On Him

Oscar De La Hoya in recent days put out a tweet that started off positive in that he wished people well but at the end of the communication he told his haters to go ‘f*** themselves’.

While he didn’t name anybody exactly in the tweet, many took this as being directed to perhaps his most vocal and well known detractors in the form mainly of Floyd Mayweather and UFC President Dana White.

Mayweather subsequently responded to the tweet in Instagram where he made a scathing personal attack alleging that Oscar still uses drugs.

While both guys could probably sue one another for defamation and slander if they really wanted, particularly after all the abuse they’ve given one another over the years — they won’t.

This is the fight business and both are promoters now. Both know that controversy sells.

De La Hoya has a theory on Mayweather’s personal attack on him even and has kept things going on his end:

It wouldn’t surprise me if both men have an agreement behind the scenes about this whole social media war.

Or even if they were testing the waters on social media to see what kind of interest there might be in a rematch with one another next year.