Anthony Joshua Drops The Corporate Nice Guy Act and Reveals Real 2019 Plans

Anthony Joshua Drops The Corporate Nice Guy Act and Reveals Real 2019 Plans

Heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua who currently holds three of the recognized four world title plans is plotting a big year ahead next year to say the least.

A humble and well spoken man in the media behind the scenes he’s as pure a fighter as there is out there.

As Tyson Fury would say himself — a proper fighting man.

Fighting is what he loves to do at the end of the day.

Commercial reality and corporate sponsorship deals aside, AJ wants to fight and prove himself as the best fighter in the world.

Everything else follows from that.

Speaking on Sky Sports television this past weekend after Dillian Whyte knocked out Dereck Chisora Joshua turned off the nice guy act and opened up on what he wants to do next year:

“Dillian is an idiot you know. You know why? Because I showed him some respect and I said I knocked you out clean when we fought but I said lets forget about that because we’ve both developed, lets prove who is better now. If Deontay Wilder doesn’t want a fight then you will get your shot. He starts piping up so I said alright, cool. I’m quite respectful but if Dillian steps in the ring with me, trust me, you best believe me — none of these heavyweights are on my level and I keep my lid on it because I don’t want to explode on any of them.”

He went on to say how he will be planning to spend Christmas:

“Thinking about whopping some of these heavyweights!”

That’s the fighting talk fight fans like to hear and expect from the heavyweight champion of the world.

Nothing wrong with being a nice guy and respectful but definitely a good move to be more genuine like this too in the media as the heavyweight champion at the same time.