Rapper turned boxing promoter 50 Cent could very well be undefeated when it comes to Instagram warfare.

The colorful character is never is shy confrontation or to engage in abuse on the platform for seemingly little reason at all.

Largely this has been directed at former friend Floyd Mayweather in the past but as he knows boxer Adrien Broner is close to Floyd — he also has a go at Broner as a way to indirectly get to Mayweather.

Ahead of Broner’s upcoming fight on January 19th against Manny Pacquiao 50 Cent has posted the following on Instagram today:


The fight against Pacquiao takes place on January 19th live on Showtime pay per view from the MGM Grand casino in Las Vegas.

Broner to be fair has looked a lot trimmer in recent footage and making the welterweight limit should not really be a problem.

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