Watch: Pacquiao Spends Christmas Eve Training With His Son

Pacquiao Spends Christmas Eve Training With His Son

Manny ‘Pacman’ Pacquiao is back in LA where much of his famed fighting career has been established under the guidance once again of Hall of Fame trainer Freddie Roach in his Wild Card gym in Hollywood, California.

If Pacquiao is going back to his American boxing roots for his upcoming pay per view showdown with Adrien Broner in Vegas January 19th — he is keen to impress this move upon his son who he’s brought along with him for final camp preparations in LA.

Steve Angeles’ YouTube channel has captured much of the workout today that the two had in public on Christmas eve:

Pacquiao like Broner will train and work straight through the holidays this year like many other professional fighters will.

Many do not realise the remarkable sacrifices that these brave warriors make for our entertainment every year which is an important point to note — at this time of year in particular.

Pacquiao and Broner collide at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas on January 19th live on Showtime pay per view.