Malignaggi Sees Pacquiao vs Broner As Coming Down To One Thing

Malignaggi Sees Pacquiao vs Broner As Coming Down To One Thing

Former world champion Paulie Malignaggi since retirement could now be one of the best pundits and commentators our there today in the sport of boxing.

His adept ability to break a fight down from a technical standpoint but make it understandable so that a casual sports fan can understand the inner workings of the sweet science is commendable.

The upcoming Manny Pacquiao vs Adrien Broner fight on January 19th at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas will see an older Pacquiao take on a younger foe in Broner but at this time, Pacquiao is still favorite in many people’s eyes.

Speaking to Pep Talk UK Malignaggi feels it comes down to one thing:

“Good fight. We’ll see. It’s a situation now with how are Broner’s legs? Pacquiao if he has those range-changing legs — it’s difficult for Adrien Broner to find range. That’s the one flaw that really glares out at you with Adrien Broner because if he’s able to get into punching distance he comes with really creative shots that are hard to anticipate. It all depends what kind of legs Manny Pacquiao has and if he does have good legs (still) — how Adrien Broner will deal with them.”

Pacquiao’s footwork and legs have long being one of his greatest tools in his fights and last time out against Matthysse earlier this year he looked like he still had both to be fair.