Eddie Hearn Reveals Bitter, Salty True Feelings On Tyson Fury’s Achievements

Promoter of Anthony Joshua, Eddie Hearn has clearly seen the public wave of interest and support for Tyson Fury recently following his epic battle with WBC heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder and is clearly unhappy his man Joshua has essentially being frozen out of the limelight by the two recently.

Public perception has now moved to wanting to see the Wilder vs Fury rematch for the most part which as it turns out is being targeted for the same night as Anthony Joshua’s next fight on April 13th.

Dirty games in the boxing business is no surprise and Hearn, despite paying credit to Fury’s comeback from mental health problems and fight against Deontay Wilder last week — has now revealed his true colors on the subject in an interview with the Daily Star.

At one point mentioning:

“So he’s the man who beat the man, something like that, who failed a drugs test, took two years out and basically refused to train or get in the ring.”

Dear oh dear.

For a man who regularly claims to be positive and always wishes people well, and that he hasn’t become bitter because of the boxing business yet, the above suggests otherwise.

The bottom line is fans want to see who the best is out of Wilder, Joshua and Fury and the only way we’ll find that out is if all of them fight one another over the coming year or two.