Over a week on now Wilder has been watching the fight back on tape to analyze where he went wrong and what he might be able to do better in a rematch to get the win next time out.

Although the bout was scored a draw, Fury’s boxing skills looked superior to Wilder’s in the fight for the most part outside of the two knockdowns the champion scored on Fury.

But it’s one particular area that Wilder himself thinks he let himself down in.

One particular punch that he believes he just couldn’t get right on the night against Fury.

Speaking to Joe Rogan on the JRE podcast, Wilder said:

“I could not straighten my right arm out. I feel like something was stopping me from really just throwing it straight and to the end for some reason. I was very anxious of knocking him out. I couldn’t straighten it out.”

The right hand has been Wilder’s main weapon for years but if he does rematch Fury in 2019 perhaps looking at other combinations and weapons to use might be beneficial in the rematch as opposed to relying on one specific punch.

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