Most people seem to agree that Anthony Joshua, Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder are currently the top three heavyweight boxers in the world.

The arguments come when sets of fans of the above debate over who is the best and why they are the best however.

Ultimately, at this point, we’ve seen two of them fight so far that ended in a controversial draw.

Although most believe Fury did enough to get the decision over Wilder.

The only way we’ll find out who’s the best is if they all fight on another but speaking today on ESPN — promoter Oscar De La Hoya believes one man leads the way at the moment:

(The best) to look at is Anthony Joshua. I think so. After watching Wilder and Fury I have mad respect for them. Both guys. Because look, I mean these guys were throwing bombs. I mean come on, Fury goes down, referee is counting him out and all of a sudden you see the freaking undertaker getting up. It was crazy! So mad respect to both guys. I think Wilder did a great job, Fury did a great job but the gate keeper in that division is Anthony Joshua.”

Currently Anthony Joshua is without an opponent for April 13th — a date reserved for his next fight at Wembley stadium.

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