Kell Brook while not particularly impressing this weekend may have scored a small win in a rather outside the box way (no pun intended).

While it might be a bit far fetched, if it were deliberate, in that he purposefully he looked under par this weekend so to lure rival Amir Khan into a false sense of security to fight him in the new year — what a genius move that would be.

But realistically this wasn’t the case.

He just looked a bit jaded and tired at the weight.

Amir Khan, his long standing welterweight rival from the UK will probably be thinking to himself he’ll have a piece of Brook now.

At least that’s the opinion of former WBO middleweight champion Billy Joe Saunders who told him the following on IFL YouTube:

Fans will be hoping the long, extremely drawn out Khan vs Brook fight will finally happen next up.

Most likely in March or in May if it is to get over the line, as painful as it is to keep hearing about.

If it doesn’t happen next it probably never will at this stage.

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