Eddie Hearn Responds To Frank Warren Saying He’d Smack Him If He Was His Son

The tension between the two rival promoters in the UK continues to grow as the sport continues to go from strength to strength.

Both promoters are putting on top quality fights on a consistent basis it has to be said.

To be fair to both parties.

Both have significant broadcast deals in the UK with rival TV outlets and both, it’s fair to say, are probably not too fond of one another on a personal or a professional level.

It’s safe to say neither will be sending one another Christmas cards this year.

Talk Sport have reported that Frank Warren allegedly claimed in an interview that if Eddie Hearn were his son that he’d smack him.

Hearn has now responded on camera with the following:

A couple of months back the two were due to meet for the first time ever in person and talk to one another for the first time when rival boxers Billy Joe Saunders and Demetrius Andrade were scheduled to fight for the WBO middleweight title.

It never happened however due to Saunders having to pull out of the fight but one day, you get the feeling the two will eventually meet and when they do — it will pay per view TV in its own right.