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This week the WBC (World Boxing Council) came out in public saying they support a rematch between champion Deontay Wilder and lineal champion Tyson Fury happening in 2019.

And indeed it should.

A superb spectacle for the sport of boxing recently — that ultimately ended in a controversial draw.

If boxing history is anything to go by a rematch is the logical next step and will be far bigger than the first fight due to the controversy involved in the judging.

Lewis said of a rematch:

He’s spot on here really, it all comes down to who learns more than the other from the first fight.

If you go back to Lewis’ own career when he rematched Evander Holyfield after a dubious decision boxing in the US — he put things right in the rematch completely by implementing what he had learned the first time round.

Expect news on this potential rematch over the coming weeks, one way or another.

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