It was the round that ultimately gained WBC heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder a draw against lineal champion Fury.

If it were not for the heavy knockdown in the final round Fury would have won the fight on the cards.

During the final round however Wilder landed a big right hand followed up by a left hook on Fury that flattened the Englishman who appeared to be out cold.

How he got up from the punch was remarkable in that he appeared totally out when on the floor to then proceeding to rise like the Undertaker — as some have compared to it to.

Now the folks at BT Sport have shown how Fury reacted to watching the 12th round back for the first time:

An incredible round and fight to be fair.

A bout that had a little bit of everything and one that captured the public’s imagination.

Although the initial US pay per view sales were reported as 300,000 buys, the real figure is now likely at around the 350,000 mark.

It was also estimated in some quarters that nearly 10 million people in the US alone could have illegally streamed the fight on the night.