One of the more bizarre stories in boxing today has been reported by Wingy Boxing of IFL TV.

The boxing world for anyone who operates in it knows is filled with social media trolling at times of the more relentless, unforgiving nature.

It’s part of the game really these days, as pathetic as it might be.

But every now and again you’ll come across a truly world class, beaut of a moron who’ll go above and beyond reproach to torment those in boxing whether they be fighters, promoters, managers or other personalities in the sweet science.

Promoter Eddie Hearn has revealed the following this evening which is already drumming up a lot of hits online:

‘We’re all in God’s hands. I hope you find happiness.”

Indeed we are geezer, indeed we are.

Quality response — in fairness.

Although this type of thing is a rarity and on the extremely weird end of the boxing richter scale, it is important that these things are highlighted and not left unchecked or people left get away with this type of hate where they are actually wishing death on another person.

The pros and cons of the good old internet, a truly sick place at times.