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Greetings friend.

Excuse the slight delay with us getting back on this fight news blog 🙂

We had a number of serious technical issues which were finally resolved this week. At last this website is fixed.

Hope you are enjoying the great weather.

Lots of tremendous fights coming up.

In due course 🙂

On a quick aside note.

Former heavyweight champion Mike Tyson has occasionally been on a roll in recent times in new main stream media.

Old Tyson dropped an interesting nugget of wisdom this week:

Gets you thinking of a certain Irish poet Seamus Heaney who also once said:

‘Between my finger and my thumb the squat pen rests and I’ll dig with it.’

Tyson, like Heaney and all humans, had a number of ups and downs in their life times but inevitably, like all great people, they simply got stronger as time went on.

Feed the good dog or the bad dog within. That choice is yours every morning.

That’s the reality of it.

Tyson formerly gripped by addiction in his twenties and thirties often self sabotaged similar in ways to legendary musician Johnny Cash who on another note — similar to Tyson maybe in his wild days — said one time:

‘I hurt myself today to see if I still feel.’

In the end, both Tyson, Heaney and Cash all had great stories.

In the end, moreover, the truth is you can over analyze anything and balance is more deadly than anything. The dig is a never ending one in life — only with with the source and creator of all things though.

No matter what human intellect can do, nothing or no artificial intelligence, will ever have a cognitive or logical explanation of miracles.

The above three individuals producers of such at different times in their life times, certainly.

Some times the miracle is you.

Bit of a random one, anyway, enough of the old philosophy malarky 🙂 ?

Back to the fight news this weekend.

At last.

Roll on.

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