WBC heavyweight champion of the world Deontay Wilder has had less than kind things to say about his fellow American boxing star — former pound for pound number one Floyd Mayweather.

Following his controversial draw with Tyson Fury last weekend Mayweather and indeed his father Mayweather senior, like the majority of people who watched the fight — believed Fury deserved to get the decision.

Speaking to TMZ Wilder was less than impressed with Mayweather:

“I don’t think he (Mayweather) liked that though (that people loved my fight with Fury) because he wanted all the attention on him. It’s sad that it’s like that but the heavyweight division is where it’s at. Because people know we’re big guys — they want to see heavy hitters. And when you get a fight like that — the excitement is back and he don’t like that because he always want the attention. But no more of that.”

Floyd Mayweather became the highest paid athlete of his generation but in theory with the new heavyweight era really capturing the general public’s imagination at the moment, there’s no reason why the likes of Wilder, Fury and Anthony Joshua in years to come cannot earn similar if not more money as at the end of the day — they’re heavyweights.

The true glamour division of boxing.