Tonight will go down in the record books not just in the sport of boxing but surely in sports history that although ended in a draw, was an incredible contest.

Fury boxed superbly for the majority of the fight, looking as sharp and as skillfull as perhaps he ever did.

Indeed, it was hard to comprehend that Fury only a year ago was 130lbs over weight, suffering from severe mental health problems, substance abuse issues and seemed to be down and out.

But he wasn’t.

While dominating the action largely tonight the best was saved for last by Wilder.

A great champion to his credit who gave it everything to try to come back on the scorecards.

Round 9 saw Fury dropped with a shot that appeared to land on the ear and caused Fury to lose his equilibrium.

Wilder tried to follow-up but Fury survived the round.

Round 10 Fury bounced back with straight right hands finding a home on Wilder.

But, the 12th and final round saw a murderous blow land on Fury by Wilder.

Fury looked out cold, God only knows how he got up from the punch. Remarkable stuff. He then went on to take the fight to Wilder as opposed to trying to survive the round.

An amazing display of courage from Fury. People will be wondering for a long time to come how he got up from that punch.

A shot from Wilder that usually puts any man on Earth to sleep. Surely we’ll have to see a rematch between these two.

The scorecards saw the fight end in a split decision draw on the cards.

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