Lineal heavyweight champion Tyson Fury as those in boxing will tell you is no fool. He wouldn’t have taken this weekend’s fight unless he knew he could win it and has revealed just exactly what his game plan was to get the fight in the first place.

Tyson Fury has been boxing for most of his life. It’s all he knows.

Add to that having a natural gift for it from birth with fighting running through his family blood and you have a potent force when motivated and in shape physically and mentally.

Lke he is once again.

With all that being said though, anyone with the punching power of Deontay Wilder cannot be overlooked.

One single mistake from Fury this weekend could be enough to separate him from his senses in brutal fashion.

Talk Sport writer Michael Benson has reported that Fury has let slip what his game plan to get the fight all along was:

I don’t think Wilder or his team are foolish enough to underestimate Fury though.

Particularly in the pre-fight footage from trainer Jay Deas, they seem to be preparing for every eventuality with Fury.

I’m actually expecting a more patient Deontay Wilder for the first couple of rounds on Saturday night as he bides his time before committing fully with the right hand.

He has to be weary of what’s coming back his own way and about getting knocked out himself, too.

That’s why there’s just nothing like a heavyweight title fight in boxing – the ultimate chess game where the stakes are at their highest.

One wrong move and it’s good night Irene.

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