A boxer who won a title this year is reluctantly seeking to sell his most precious possession due to a number of fights falling out and not having the funds needed for the upcoming Christmas.

Boxer Ronnie Clark who won the vacant IBF European super-featherweight title earlier this year has had a real run of back luck since — with multiple fights falling out.

Often times the general public do not realise just how damaging it is for a fighter when this happens as boxers only get paid when they fight and have bills like everyone else.

It can be easy to forget this sometimes as fans when a fight falls through, but this is the reality sadly of fighters who may not be world champions and who are still working their way up the ranks.

Ronnie Clark earlier today went to Ebay to put his belt up for sale to buy Christmas presents for his son but as always in times of trouble, the boxing world although divided and ruthless, seems to always pulls together for one of its own:

Fair play Tommy Coyle and the huge reaction so far from the boxing community.

To support the Go Fund Me page set up for Ronnie simply follow this link: