Anyone who thinks Manny Pacquiao is over the hill may need to re-think that thought process as he continues to rededicate himself to the craft that got him where he is today.

Today Manny Pacquiao is a Senator in his home country and amassed worldwide profile but he never forgets the hardships he endured along the way to get him to the top.

At a recent address to Oxford and Cambridge the Filipino boxer recited many tales of the poverty and struggle he endured growing up that was ultimately set free through the sport of boxing for him.

Earlier this week Pacquiao said he may fight for three more years and going off the hand speed on display below — who’s to say he can’t:

(Hat tip Fight Hype YouTube)

Some hand speed on display there.

Adrien Broner has also started his training camp for the fight and following Pacquiao making a Thanksgiving Day joke about Broner needing to lay off the stuffing and turkey, Broner posted a video on social media of himself eating plenty of food on Thanksgiving Day.

While there has been concerns about Broner being able to make 147lbs the fact he is not a natural welterweight should mean he has no problem getting down to weight with eight weeks to go until fight night as of today.

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