Frank Buglioni Gets Halted Due To Cut

Frank Buglioni Gets Halted Due To Cut

‘Wise Guy’ Frank Buglioni got stopped tonight on a nasty cut in Monte Carlo in the Londoner’s latest outing in the ring.

Buglioni’s career promises a lot a few years back but with four losses now on his record and in the eyes of some after getting out boxed tonight before the cut happened and the fight was stopped — his career appears to be in a state of limbo.

IBF intercontinental light-heavyweight champion Fanlong Meng retained his title after the fight was called off in round 5.

Here’s some of the initial reaction from boxing fans:

Some rather grim feedback for the London fighter there but ultimately where he goes from here is entirely his call at the end of the day.

At 29 he’s hardly old either so there’s plenty of time to come back and regroup.