Today promoter of Anthony Joshua, Eddie Hearn has given his most concrete indication yet that he is still serious in making the Joshua vs Deontay Wilder super fight with a new dynamic in his latest offer / proposal.

While Hearn didn’t go into specifics on the numbers he told Sky Sports a short time ago that if Wilder is to beat Tyson Fury on December 1st then he will be offered a two fight deal to take on Anthony Joshua next year.

One fight in the UK and one in the US which on the whole is starting to sound more fair.

The thing is, if Wilder spectacularly knocks out Tyson Fury his value goes up in the fight massively and likely he’ll want close to a 50/50 for both fights if he KO’s Fury.

Initially Hearn said a couple of months ago that they had to make the Joshua vs Wilder deal in principle before the Fury fight as Wembley stadium had been booked for April 13th, 2019.

While that is still the case the fact Hearn is now willing to wait until after December 1st shows he was bluffing and trying to put pressure on in a bid to not lose money in a possible new deal if Wilder looks good against Fury.

You can’t blame him for that. It’s just business. I saw through it straight away at the time.

The whole thing cannot be just blamed on Hearn though.

Both parties are at fault for the fight not happening this year but if Wilder beats Fury on December 1st the onus is on both teams to finally get the deal done for a much-anticipated fight.

Of course, Tyson Fury will have one or two things to say about that come December 1st.

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