Manny Pacquiao is starting to come out of his shell a bit this last week, maybe because he knows Adrien Broner is going to be going hell for leather in the trash department over the next few weeks.

PacMan drew a few laughs earlier this week when he told Broner that he now promotes him, asked him was he scared that Freddie Roach is back in his team and also asked Broner if he was going to be wishing him an early happy birthday.

Pacquiao has now brought about some more laughs, online mind you, from this happy Thanksgiving Day joke today on Twitter:

People are absolutely loving this new side to Pacquiao:

How long will this new version of Manny Pacquiao who knows?

But this writer for one thinks it doesn’t hurt.

All things considering in the modern-day boxing landscape where this type of thing is now part of selling a fight in an ultra competitive sports landscape.

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