Prince Naseem Hamed Reacts Furiously To Having His Weight Mocked

Legendary boxer Prince Naseem Hamed was collecting an icon award this week for his incredible career in boxing but did not take kindly to the person who presented him with the award after some remarks surrounding his weight.

Hamed in his prime was known to be one of the most charismatic fighters of his generation for his flamboyant ring entrances and unorthodox, big hitting style.

He was an entertainer of the highest order in my opinion.

Sure, he’s a love him or hate him type character, but you can’t deny in his prime people wanted to watch him and that he was a pay per view attraction.

Money and fame probably did go to his head after a while as I’m he’d sure he’d admit.

Particularly getting rid of two people who were a huge help to him towards the end of his career — in the form of trainer Brendan Ingle and promoter Frank Warren.

But the past is the past and this week ‘Nas’ picked up an icon award.

The UK Mirror however have reported that the presenter made fun of his weight in front of the people in attendance to which the former world champion told him directly:

“I would hit you, boy.”

He may have a few extra pounds and be retired but the threat of getting a punch off him even now likely scared the living day lights out of that presenter.