It’s being an epic career and life for Manny Pacquiao looking back on it so far but he acknowledges that his boxing career hasn’t been all roses at the same time.

Looking back on some fights it was clear to me and some fellow media members particularly in the Jeff Horn fight, that Pacquiao had lost interest in boxing at that time.

It could happen to anybody who is as time restricted as he is really.

Particularly when you consider he’s a Senator in his home country, family man, businessman and everything he does for society.

Speaking to the press in an open media scrum in LA this week Pacquiao said:

“The highest point of my career was getting voted as fighter of the decade and winning all those world titles in different weight divisions.”

Some have suggested over the years that Pacquiao’s closest rival Floyd Mayweather to this day is jealous of Pacquiao getting the fighter of the decade award but more than anything it came down to timing.

At the time Floyd was on one of his temporary retirements and Manny was knocking out everyone in different weight classes.

For that time the right man got the nod.

But, Pacquiao has also acknowledged low points in his career this week too — saying:

“The lowest point of my career was when I lost to Bradley and then the Horn fight.”

The fight with Adrien Broner on January 19th will mark another step on the way to erasing those painful memories from the past.

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